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Teacher’s Pet, along with SEA and PLAY, have combined their many years of experience, to bring three and four year old's the opportunity of Learning through Play!

PRE-K and Afternoon Registration is for Fall 2024 - 2025



As educators, we strive to provide young children a balance between school, life and personal skills, and an appreciation for nature.  We believe in learning through PLAY!
Whether you join us in our morning activities, our afternoon play, our parties,
or our events, you will find a love for children, and the things that inspire them to learn!


*Learning Through Play for Three and Four Year Old Children
*Birthday Party Rental Space
*Summer Camps
*Special Events Designed for Children

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Drop Off
Afternoon Childcare

Drop in and enjoy the fun while mom takes time to grab some groceries, pick up the school age children, or perhaps even sit down to read a book!  Every afternoon is full of play!  We may sing, dance, read, cook, build, plant, play outside, or try a little of everything!

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Three Year Old Children
8:15-12:15...stay for lunch if you’d like. (12:45 PM)
Five Days a Week $500 a month.

Four Year Old Children
8:15-12:15...stay for lunch if you’d like. (12:45 P
Five Days a Week $500 a month.

“Now that you’re FOUR we learn MORE while we play"


“A Museum of Fun and Hands on Learning"

Schedule your week, or drop in for a day!


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Monthly Membership:  $200

Drop Off Fee:

$20 per afternoon for Sea & Play Students

$25 per afternoon for Guests

Birthday Party Rental

“We have Character Costumes too!"

Rent our space for your birthday party! 

Saturdays and Sundays

1 Hour Set Up

2 Hour Party

Birthday Party Rental:  $250

Character Costume Rental:  $50

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